The video, ‘Irreverent’, was commissioned by MOFT studio and was destined to serve as a qasi-erotic visual explanation of the design line that the studio exhibited at this year’s Romanian Design Week.

At the foundation of the video lies a series of interactions between person and object. The feature that distinguishes this cup from all of the rest is its very obvious anticipated-spillage hole. A design element that pretends to render the cup unpractical with the goal of forcing its users to rethink their interaction with everyday objects.

This year’s edition of RDW felt better organised compared to previous editions. The central exhibition took place in a redeveloped farmer’s market in the center of Bucharest that had never been re-opened presumably due to bureaucracy and corruption. By taking this building and giving it back to the city it, if even for a brief period of time, the event creators managed to simulate the idea of a bustling, living city in this otherwise neglected corner of Bucharest.

Many of the exhibitors had participated in previous editions and this did make you question whether the curators chose them because they had something new and relevant to say or simply because the creative pool is (understandably) low.


A general view of the ground floor of the exhibition in Piata Amzei with the ‘Irreverent’ project seen in the right. photo by Roald Aron