Article by Stephen McGrath, published on the International Business Times

In light of the Romanian parliament passing a law for the restitution of properties that were stolen from the Jewish population during the Second World War, my friend and independent journalist Stephen McGrath asked me to accompany him in meeting Romanian Holocaust survivor Liviu Beriș at the Coral Temple.

Close to half a million Romanian born Jewish people were killed during WW2 with the help of the Romanian state. Growing up in the early days of post-communist Romania meant that I did not get any of this information from public schools. Meeting mr. Beriș, hearing parts of his indescribable recollections first-hand made me feel betrayed by my country for trying to cover up this page in our history.

26 years after the fall of communism, there is still very little being said about Romania’s part in the Holocaust.

In the 1930’s, close to 750,000 Jews lived in Romania. The latest census of 2011 concluded that the number is now 3,271.