Shot on the go with an iPhone 8 Plus. I wanted to see how far you can take phone camera footage in postproduction. Captured at 120 frames per second which were then stretched to about twice that speed. Frame blending was added to compensate for the missing frames and to smooth out the motion.

All of the beige tones brightly lit up by the orange sun inspired me to try and make the sun really feel as key part of the film. I oversaturated everything and then applied plenty of glow.

As with my previous films, the music was composed especially for the clip and there is also another version where there are strings instead of flutes.

Created by Codruț Sebastian Neguț
for Il Passo SS19
Art Direction by Marian Pălie
Styling by Emilian Pospaii
Make-up by Ioana Covali
Model Tiana Cornea, Models Under Management


With GALIA, the intention was to portray a woman which has no fear of death, one which suffers from Cotard’s Delusion – the main concept behind the featured garments, part of the F/W 2012 collection by Dinu Bodiciu.

The sound is what came first and it marked the foundation for laying out a logical order of shots that would match with the intensity of each piano note. The idea was to establish a perceivable connection between image and sound that would end up strengthening the theme of the film.

The film was shot in London after a number of weeks or preproduction and fine tuning of the concept and storyboards.

Produced and Directed by Codruț Sebastian Neguț
Featuring Dinu Bodiciu’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection
Starring Saphari, Oxygen Model Management
Make-up by Jayne Williams
First Assistant – Hossein Ansari
Gaffer – Ira Merzlichin
Special thanks to John Dutton and Peter Tracy


Flaws are regarded as the center focus and as decoration; underlined chromatically. The rough and smooth porcelain textures are used to give the user a complete guide of usage and a perfectly satisfactory experience.

‘please, take care not to get wet.’

Video, editing & sound design by Codruţ Sebastian Neguţ
Starring character Grațiela Brâncuşi
Make-up by  Mirela Constantin



Teaser video for “Morgana” fashion editorial. The name is inspired by ‘Fata Morgana’, an unusual and complex form of superior mirage that is seen in a narrow band above the horizon. The figure in this short clip was meant to provoke uneasiness.

Producer and filmed by Codruț Sebastian Neguț
Production consultancy by Oana Tudoran
Starring model Mary Revery
Make-up & Hair by Diana Ionescu
Assisted by Dorin Moldoveanu & Ștefan Nicolae Crăciun
Cape design by Simona Neguț
With the support of Presshouse Ballroom