The studio has changed location.
This page will be updated once the new studio will be finished. The images presented below are those of the original studio in the Popa Nan 82 industrial complex which is being demolished to make way for a new shopping center.
It is the way of the world.


A former textile printing room converted into an almost entirely undivided photographic studio makes for the perfect space for shooting your project.

Black-out  curtains can be used to cut out the lounge from the shooting area, ensuring that the space can also become intimate if necessary.

Ideal for small and medium sized  shoots.

Floor Plan

Over 100 sqm of undivided, unconstrained space

floor : 16 x 8 metres

height : 3.5 metres


The studio is located on the first floor inside the former Popa Nan 82 Industrial Complex.
  • Popa Nan 82, Bucharest, Romania

  • 15 minutes walk to Piața Muncii Metro Station

  • 10 minute drive to Piața Unirii or Piața Universității

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